7 Training 

About this Module

In the following short video we explain what is the purpose of this Module and what you can expect to learn in it:

The topics in this section cover key aspects of training and its significance for enhancing the skills of student representatives. These topics shed light on both the theory and practice of training, ensuring that student representatives are well-equipped to serve their peers.

The first topic addresses the importance of training for student representatives. Recognizing the vital role that these individuals play in representing the interests and needs of the student body, this topic delves into why consistent and tailored training is crucial. Furthermore, we explore the essential components that constitute effective training modules for student representation.

The last topic offers insights into the knowledge and expertise required for developing training modules. This is not just about the creation of content, but understanding the needs of the audience. Having knowledge of various training topics is one thing, but being able to mold them according to the unique needs of different student groups is an art in itself. This topic aids in bridging that gap, ensuring that trainers can create modules that resonate with their target audience.

This topic also looks at the assessment of group dynamics in training scenarios. Recognizing that strengths and weaknesses can vary widely from one individual to another, or from one group to another, this topic equips the trainers with tools to identify these variances. By doing so, trainers can adapt their strategies, focusing on areas that need reinforcement and leveraging strengths to foster an enriching learning environment.

Intended Learning Outcomes of module 7:

  • You have knowledge about developing training modules. 
  • You know how to build training modules and what they need
  • You know the topics on which you can set up a training module and you can use them according to the needs of the group. 
  • You are able to recognize strengths and weaknesses of the groups and you realize that this can differ from individual to individual or from group to group. You can use these strengths and weaknesses to identify topics for training.