6 Coaching 

About this Module

In the following short video we explain what is the purpose of this Module and what you can expect to learn in it:

This module focuses on coaching student representatives. What does it mean to be ‘student support staff’? As a coach, what role can you take on yourself? And how variable can it be? We hope to give you insights into how to do this at an individual level and at a group level.  

It is important to know that the role of coach & facilitator can really vary based on the needs of individuals and/or groups.  

To be completely honest, a “short guide into coaching” is very challenging to write. A lot of people follow multi-day or even multi-semester courses to be able to ‘coach’ other people. It could be beneficial to find a local training program specialised in coaching if you really want to improve your coaching skills.  

Intended Learning Outcomes of module 6:

  • Knowledge of different types of mentoring and facilitation roles (at the individual level) 
  • Being able to offer different types of mentoring and facilitation roles at the individual level and in group. 
  • Detect the different needs of students for beginners/advanced students 
  • Considering your own role towards the students 
  • You have knowledge about the different forms of conflict and what you can do in your role and what the group can do in it. 
  • How can you support new people?