5 Communication 

About this Module

In the following short video we explain what is the purpose of this Module and what you can expect to learn in it:

Welcome to Module 5: Communication. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate effectively across diverse groups has become more vital than ever. This module delves deep into the multifaceted realm of communication, shedding light on its significance within the student support sphere. From individualised interactions to group dynamics, from cultural considerations to the role of modern technology, we will dive into 3 communication-related topics, designed to bolster your skills and deepen your understanding:

  1. How to communicate towards different types of students
  2. Effective communication skills for student representatives
  3. Intercultural communication

This module introduces different forms of communication the  student support staff needs to be aware of . 

Intended Learning Outcomes of module 5:

  • Design a communication strategy, including (visual) language, inclusive of different target groups  
  • Communicate to different student groups why SE matters and how it can affect and benefit them  
  • Get new student on board and get them motivated and empowered
  • Give examples of different ways in which student reps can communicate/promote their work to other students 
  • Get new student on board and get them motivated and empowered  
  • Learn about communication strategies to staff, and the connection between student engagement and feedback culture.
  • Understand the key principles of intercultural communication 
  • Build and communicate a culture which empowers different kinds of students and values diversity