2 Understanding Your Role as Student Support Staff 

About this Module

In the following short video we explain what is the purpose of this Module and what you can expect to learn in it:

This Module provides a broad introduction to the role of student support staff, covering different key elements and  characteristics of the role. The content will be primarily in the form of textual explanations, illustrated by concrete (real or fictional) examples. There’s also signposting to other Modules where some parts of the role are further explained (e.g. Coaching & Facilitating). In further resources, we will signpost to more in-depth courses that are available (e.g. around project management).   

Intended Learning Outcomes of module 2:

  •  Identify, communicate and respect boundaries within professional relationship between staff and student 
  • Demonstrate neutrality among different views and parties within a group or between students and institution.
  • Be aware of coaching techniques to support students in their engagement activities 
  • Be aware of facilitation techniques to support students in their engagement activities