3 Supporting inclusive student engagement 

About this Module

In the following short video we explain what is the purpose of this Module and what you can expect to learn in it:

The purpose of this module is to introduce student support staff to the concept of inclusive student engagement, and how they can achieve this.

Intended Learning Outcomes of module 3:

  • Analyse which barriers can be applied to the students of your organisation 
  • Apply the concept of thematic and short term engagement to your own institution: what advantages would this approach bring? 
  • Learn to re-design student engagement with less barriers for non-traditional students
  • Build and communicate a culture which empowers different kinds of students and values diversity
  • Support and respect the diversity and differences in students. 
  • Analyse and revise existing structures and policies within the institution reflecting the mentioned concepts
  • Understanding the history and meaning of intersectionality
  • Integrate different concepts of diversity to identify new barriers related to intersectionality