8.2 Holistic Course Review (Kirkpatrick)

This session introduces the Four Levels of Learning Evaluation, also known as the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation, as a possible framework for contextualising the system of indicators & benchmarks that are suitable for a well-functioning QA system within the context of a higher education institution.

The aim of this model of evaluation is to identify indicators and benchmarks that are both relevant and measurable, and consider not only requirements of student satisfaction but also of other interested parties (e.g. alumni, employers).

The following video explains in 10 minutes how Kaizen can be implemented into everyday quality assurance processes.

You can find the PowerPoint slides that are used in the video here:

An alternative presentation of the Kirkpatrick model can be found here:

Further reading (15 min)

In this document you can see a schematic overview of the Kickpatrick model:



Identify requirements of different stakeholders (including but not limited to students) and translate these into measurable indicators in relation to the four levels indicated in the Kirkpatrick model. (60 min)